About Us

About Our Founder

Jessica went to University of Massachusetts Amherst with a major in Nutrition.  Shortly into her college career she discovered Food Science, and never looked back.  From the moment she decided to switch majors, she knew she wanted to work in Research & Development.  And she knew she wanted to do it for a chocolate or ice cream company.

She spent over 10 years doing exactly what she wanted for a chocolate company!  Around this time, she decided it was time to leave corporate life.  And that's where Chocograms comes in.  

For years, her husband and she would make chocolates and other confections for their friends and family for the holidays.  They looked forward to late October, early November when they would come up with the flavors for that year.  And every year, people would ask if they had their own company and they would say no.

Until this year, the year 2020.  That's when she finally decided to start Chocograms and share her passion of making fun chocolate creations with everyone!

About Our Products

Our love of chocolate goes beyond the fun of developing new flavors for year round availability or limited time seasonal options.  We also care about the chocolate we use.  We are proud to use Cacao-Trace® dark and milk chocolate in all of our dark and milk chocolate options!  It is a sustainability program that educates cocoa farmers on growing the highest quality beans.  This leads to better tasting chocolate and higher income for the farmers!  For each kilogram of chocolate purchased a portion goes back to the farmers! 

Where possible we use eco-friendly packaging for our products.  The bags that the spheres are wrapped in are made from plants.  The packing peanuts are biodegradable.   Even the tape on our boxes is recyclable which means the whole box can be thrown in the recycling!  And of COURSE, our tins can be used over and over again!